Emmy red carpet best of concludes with a look at metallics, caped goodness and everything else with Amy Poehler, Jessica Williams, Christine Baranski and Lucy Liu.

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Best of the 2014 Emmy red carpet part 2 and bold colour is getting showcased. Including January Jones, Claire Danes (with Hugh Dancy) and Teyonah Parris.

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Best of the 2014 Emmy red carpet! Starting with the black and white frocks - Anna Chlumsky, Lizzy Caplan, Laverne Cox, Lena Headey.

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The Betty fashion parade as a narrative device on Masters of Sex:


Best of the BAFTA and Variety red carpet events as everyone is in town for the Emmys. Including Kerry Washington, Samira Wiley, Kiernan Shipka, Amandla Stenberg and Lizzy Caplan.

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There’s not enough Sopranos in my feed

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"Look of the Week" is all about the Emmys, the Orange is the New Black ladies with a side of Carrie Brownstein and Judy Greer.

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