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Apr 23

The Power Clashing of Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project -

Apr 22

The Wish List: The Cosima Coat on Orphan Black -

Apr 21

Mad Men Music Monday: "This Will Be Our Year" -

The Good Wife and Getting out of Bed -

Apr 19


Places on your dash without context or tags.


Places on your dash without context or tags.

Apr 18

Scandal 3.18 "The Price of Free and Fair Elections" Review: "I'm the Scandal" -


Apr 17

The Americans 2.08 "New Car" Review: "We All Serve" -

Apr 16

“This TV season has seen a shift in the kind of shows that have elicited a misty eyed reaction from me and with probably the exception of The Good Wife it is comedy that has been the source of most of my tears. Sometimes this is a happy response – generally Parks and Recreation - but there are a lot of sitcoms that have been dealing with a whole host of tragedy whether it is something like Enlisted and it’s examination of PTSD, the Mother singing to her now dead love in How I Met Your Mother or simply a break up sitcoms have been killing it this year with the emotional spectrum. New Girl can be added to the list (I’ve just remembered it made me teary earlier this season when Nick put together that video package for Jess *sob*) and it’s a testament to both Jake Johnson and Zooey Deschanel that they really sell this heartbreak while also playing wasted.” —

Apr 15

The Wish List: More Joan Watson Dresses on Elementary -